Become an Ambassador

What is an ambassador?

An ambassador is a youth leader for an Agricultural Society, and they represent their fair and community for the year they hold the title. They attend various local events and fundraising throughout the year.


What are the roles of the ambassador?

  • Represent your Ag Society with pride
  • You are the Youth face of the fair – smile, take pictures, talk with people at the fair and don’t hesitate to lend a hand in activities at the fair and events you attend.
  • Attend events within your community for pictures
  • Handing out ribbons, prizes during shows at the fair

What are events you could attend during the year:

  • Markdale Fall Fair weekend
  • Markdale Santa Claus Parade
  • Markdale Classic Car Show
  • District Spring and Fall Meetings
  • Fundraising events within the community
  • Local fairs and parades (by invitation)
  • Senior Extra Events: OAAS, CNE
  • *School always comes first. Most events are not strictly required but offered to the ambassador at their own schedule*

What are the Age Requirements to be an ambassador?

  • Junior Ambassador 9-12
  • Senior Ambassador 17-21 (18 years to attend CNE)

What are the future opportunities after becoming an ambassador?

  • Looks great on a resume
  • Take-away many interactions and public speaking conÞdence
  • Building lifelong friendships
  • Become a part of one of the longest events in the history of Markdale
  • Opportunity to join the Agricultural Society board and volunteer in future fairs

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